Free Divorce Forms in Oklahoma: How Uncontested Divorce Works?

When we talk about uncontested divorce, a lot of individuals recognize that it can be stressful, expensive, and time-consuming. It is the complete opposite of comfort. But it does not have to be stressful, expensive, and time-consuming. There is an option where people will no experience these inconveniences: uncontested divorce. Today, people are looking for ways to make their life easy and straightforward.

From banking online, shipping, and ordering food delivery to online dating, convenience is the key. But not every aspect of our lives is painless and quick. There are online platforms designed to help facilitate an uncontested dissolution of the marriage process, as well as end this thing in a stress-free and amicable way, all from the comfort of your personal computer, without involving legal counsel or going on a trip to a courthouse.

If you are thinking that a legal counsel-free waiver separation sounds like an excellent option for you, read more on general details about the divorce process. While this article will take a closer look at some information on the regulations and laws in the state of Oklahoma, some principles discussed can be applied in most courthouses in the country.

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An uncontested dissolution of marriage

In some states, the difference between the contested and waiver dissolution of marriage is that in a contested separation, one or both sides disagree with the terms and conditions of the divorce – whether the procedure should happen, the division of real estates and other assets, alimony, allocation of debts, child custody, as well as spousal and child support. In the state of Oklahoma, uncontested separations require that one side starts the process by filing summons or petitions for a divorce with the judiciary.

Before filing, people need to make sure that they satisfy the residency requirements for their prospective district. Do not worry because these residency requirements are usually easy to fulfill if the person or their partner are residents of the state. In most states, if at least one of the parties has lived in Oklahoma for the required time, they can proceed with the case even if their partner relocates.

Always remember that some courts need in-person appearances, which may require the individual who has relocated to return for a mandated court hearing. Some platforms help in these preliminary steps by asking individual questions about marriage. It uses answers to make sure that they meet the residency requirements and complete initial forms.

These platforms will even file the needed forms with the judiciary and help in serving the other party with summons or petition. After that, it is up to the individual and their partner to start negotiating and communicating the terms and conditions of the divorce together. These platforms also provide people with the copy of experts specializing in family law, family counselors, as well as child custody lawyers. People can economically and easily navigate through problems and still complete the uncontested divorce.

Why go for an uncontested dissolution of marriage?


These things usually need less time

In a world where everything happens fast, there are some reasons for opting for an uncontested separation. The process is a lot quicker compared to its contested counterpart because there’s no need for both parties to appear in court. Although these procedures do require a minimum of six months to be finalized, avoiding court hearings will save a lot of money, time, energy, as well as heartache in any place in the United States.

The pre-trial process, the trial itself, the delays inherent in court systems, and the appearance in courthouses, regardless of district, add the necessary time, as well as impediments to receiving the judgment on the marriage. Settling the problems outside the courthouse is pretty helpful if the person involved has kids, as they can avoid the trauma and tension of dragging their kids through courts’ time-consuming and costly custody and child support proceedings.

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These things are a lot cheaper


Because of the speedy nature of these proceedings, the costs are a lot lower compared to the costs of their contested counterpart. The average cost of contested separations in the United States is more or less $20,000. Conversely, uncontested cases with no help from legal counsel can cost as little as the cost of filing the necessary documents. Online platforms are an economical alternative for both parties, with packages ranging from $700 to $3,000 in cost.

Retain privacy and control during the procedure

Another advantage of uncontested separation that is usually overlooked by a lot of individuals is the ability to divorce parties to maintain control and privacy over the procedure. Relinquishing control of judges and legal counsels forfeits their ability to be masters of their destinies.

It shapes the result of problems like co-parenting, child and spousal support, and alimony. Online platforms can provide couples with different tools to help them facilitate the process themselves, without the help of judges or legal counsels to control the outcome of the process.

These platforms provide details on how to file for divorce in Oklahoma for free, negotiating supports, determining custody issues, and creating a co-parenting schedule for the couple with kids. They make it a lot easier for both parties to navigate logistical problems of dissolution of marriage without involving the other side.

For an average family, dissolution of marriage need not be a horrible nightmare, as portrayed by most people. A waiver separation is a lot quicker, less painful, and convenient alternative, and online platforms that specialize in this kind of case provide a self-directed and lawyer-free solution to help both parties navigate the process.


How do individuals handle finances in these kinds of proceedings?

Whether people are getting a traditional dissolution of marriage, divorce recourse, or an online one, they recommend that they look for advice from financial advisors or investment professionals. It is not a good idea to handle finances and investments alone during these times. Look for a reputable and certified financial analyst that specializes in these kinds of cases.

These professionals usually act as mediators for both sides, even in uncontested separations. In addition to working out a suitable outcome for both sides financially, experts will help keep both sides calm during the financial negotiations, especially during discussions related to spousal and child support. Considering the fact that a lot of couples let emotions get the best out of them during these proceedings, this is pretty beneficial for people involved.