Most Common Reasons For Rear End Accidents 

If you speak to any vehicle accident lawyer, they will tell you that the most common reason for claims being made is as a result of rear end accidents. We very often see claims for whiplash and worse injuries because of this kind of accident and today we are going to have a look into what the most common reasons are for these kinds of accidents on the road.

We should all try to drive as safely as we can, but even then there are no guarantees that you can avoid a collision.


As is so often the case when it comes to road accidents, driving too fast is also the cause of many rear end collisions. This doesn’t necessarily mean that someone is driving faster than the speed limit, simply that they are driving too fast for the situation. If a driver is going too fast then they will not be able to brake in time and thus they hit the car in front.


Tailgating is not just annoying and intimidating for the driver in front, it is also very dangerous. If you are not driving a safe distance behind the car in front then you will not have the reaction time needed to stop the car or slow it down, should the car in front reduce their speed.

Lane Changes

The liability for this kind of accident is not always the car behind, and very often we see a lane change by the car in front cause the issue. If traveling on the highway the fast lane means that cars are coming by at top speed. If a car changes into a faster lane and they have not checked what is coming or if they are going too slow, this often results in rear end collisions. The reason why these are so dangerous is that often the car behind is traveling at quite a speed, which leads to a worse outcome.

Impaired Driver

Anyone who is behind the wheel of a car whilst under the influence of drugs or alcohol is a threat to everyone on the road. These people cause a wide range of accidents, which often injure innocent people. Among the accidents are rear end collisions because of the fact that their reaction time isn’t as quick as it should be, or as it would be if they were not impaired.


Given the range of tech that we have in our cars these days we are seeing more accidents as a result of distracted driving. People think that they are fine checking their phone quickly or changing the music in their car, but it only takes a second for an accident to take place. Drivers must always ensure that they are only focused on the road ahead, and on other road users.

Safe driving can prevent a lot of accidents, but as mentioned, there are no guarantees that you can completely avoid a rear end accident.