“Nick Bova Pittsburgh Realtor” Explains Why Families Should Consider Pittsburgh when Relocating

Looking for a change? Maybe it’s someplace new to raise a family, a place to start a career with a new company, or simply to get a fresh start. There are many reasons that families uproot and move, and there are many reasons to consider Pittsburgh as an option. The town is in the middle of a transformation, yet it still isn’t growing at a rapid pace, so it’s a perfect location. Here are some things to take into consideration.

Living in Pittsburgh

Compared to other cities, the cost of living in Pittsburgh is very affordable. Housing is less expensive here but, eventually, those will start to rise. The current housing costs in Pittsburgh are $137,550 as compared to $222,408 across the United States.

When it comes to healthcare, the area is home to the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center along with its network of hospitals. It ranks #12 on the U.S. News & World Report’s honor roll of best hospitals in the country.

As far as enrichment goes, there are superior educational and cultural opportunities. There is Carnegie Mellon University, University of Pittsburgh, Duquesne University, and 20 other colleges and universities within ten miles of the center of town. Experts have counted 38 museums. This is great news for those with children.

Working in Pittsburgh

The town is emerging from a dying steel industry and earning another name. It is now known as the reinvention city. The town is cleaner than before and full of life. The area is drawing large corporations to set up offices. Many people that come here are surprised to find a hub of technology and education when they arrive. Since the job opportunities here are on the rise, Pittsburgh is drawing families as well as recent graduates. U.S. News ranked 125 metro areas in the U.S. based on several things, and the job market was included. The town ranks #57 for best places to live and #8 for best places to retire. This goes a long way for those planning to put down roots in a new town.

Those that are ready to call this town home can turn to “Nick Bova Pittsburgh realtor”. Maybe it’s time to be part of the transformation that is currently taking place there. Whether the reason is for career opportunities, new adventures, or family, a new adventure is right around the corner. Make the most of this new opportunity.