The Three Biggest Facts About Drunk Driving

The Three Biggest Facts About Drunk Driving

It’s no surprise; the effect alcohol has on your nervous system as well as the problems associated with its addiction. While driving under the influence of alcohol is common for many people-sadly enough its consequences are even more common as well as lethal.

Arrested Under-development

In the United States during 2005 over 48 children 14 and under were killed due to drunk driving. These children were either pedestrians or cycling when struck by a vehicle.

Also in the United States, every year nearly 800,000 people are subject to alcohol related traffic accidents. These averages out to almost one person injured each minute-while a quarter of the people were affected severely.

Just alcohol? Not enough for the million and a A� folks who decided to drive while under the influence of alcohol and narcotics in 2005.

Buckle up-not just the law, it’s your life

That’s right; around 13 percent of the drivers who were fatally injured were actually wearing a seatbelt. This is opposed to the sober drivers they crashed in to who weren’t wearing a seatbelt. Just because you’re buckled doesn’t mean you’re sober.

Each year in the United States over 10 percent of all vehicle crashes were due to the consumption of alcohol by one party or both.

Almost half of American’s are subject to alcohol-related crashes in their lifetimes.

Know before you go

These facts are eerily true. Ensure you’re taking the correct measures to eliminate the possibilities of these issues within your life. While you’re drinking, remember the more alcohol you drink, the most is absorbed-once the accumulation occurs the alcohol is eliminated and you’re left with higher levels of it in your blood-while you may feel sober you can trust that you are not.

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