4 Ways to Connect With Clients Today – And Bring in Business For Tomorrow!

4 Ways to Connect With Clients Today – And Bring in Business For Tomorrow!

Connecting with clients is the simplest aspect of creating a true marketing habit. It’s easy, free and takes up less time in your day than grabbing a cup of coffee. The key? Make sure you’re connecting with the right clients. Focus on the ones who consistently bring you business… or consistently refer business, and get to know and understand their business. Here are four things you can do today to nurture your relationships, up your client service and drive your business development all at the same time

Get in front of them.

Nothing can replace face-to-face interactions with important clients. Schedule a time to stop by THEIR place of business and see how they’re operating. Not only will it remind clients of your place in their business life, actually seeing an office and what goes on day-to-day may spark ideas for ways to help them with their legal needs. It doesn’t have to be a lengthy stay… stopping by for coffee and a quick meeting may be all you need to bring them back to your office.

Show an interest in their industry.

One of the easiest, and most helpful, things you can do for a client is present them with information about their own a legal spin. Set up Google Alerts with their industry or company name as keywords and see what turns up. If something comes through that relates to their business attach it to an email with a quick explanation and invitation to speak regarding any questions they might have. It’s a quick and simple way to show you’re looking out for them.

Relate your expertise back to them.

Clients aren’t always up on the most recent changes to laws that concern them… that’s what they rely on you for. Take it one step ahead and spend a few minutes each month looking over Session Laws to see what might apply to them… it sounds obvious it’s often forgotten.

Pick up the phone.

The next time you have something to relay to a client, do it over the phone. E-mail is an incredibly useful method of communication much of the time, but it can’t replace genuine conversation. Instead of letting an assistant or paralegal do the communicating pick up the phone and do it yourself. You’ll be able to answer questions instantly and give a better picture of what it is you’re explaining to them. Conversation builds relationships.

Sometimes it’s the simplest gesture that can bring in the greatest returns. With technology on your side (Google, Google Alert, RSS Feeds…) it’s easier than ever to keep up with clients personal and professional lives. Spend 10 minutes a day looking over your contact list and building relationships and your law firm marketing habit will flourish-along with your business.

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