9 Reasons Your Law Firm Should Have a Web Site

9 Reasons Your Law Firm Should Have a Web Site

The way your potential clients look for a lawyer has irrevocably changed. The spread of computers, the Internet and mobile phones make it a lot easier and faster for people to not only find what they’re looking for, but also get other people’s opinions.

The days of the Yellow Pages are fast coming to a close.

Now, it’s important to meet your potential clients within the venues that they frequent. Their web browser is one such place. More specifically, your website, social media outlets and their email inbox.

Most of your online marketing efforts should funnel potential clients to your website. Once there, they’ll determine if the information that you’re offering is interesting enough to warrant giving you their email address.

So here’s nine reasons your law firm should have a website:

It makes it easy for customers to find you. Again, meet your potential clients where they are.

You can capture qualified leads – offer your visitor something of high perceived value in exchange for their contact information should they wish to share it.

A well thought out website will help create a relationship with a prospective client, in an unobtrusive way, so they can feel good about you.

Saves time by adding features to your website like an FAQ’s page, directions to your office, the ability to schedule appointments and a way to submit documents ahead of time.

A good web site is more than just an online business card – It sets you apart from your competitors.

It positions yourself as the expert in your field by providing high quality, actionable information on a regular basis.

It generates referrals from past clients that have used your services but continue to receive your updates, blog posts and articles.

It shows visitors that your firm is a value-added service provider.

It creates a buzz about you, your firm and what you’re doing.

A business card website (a static site with no regular new content that just includes your basic information) just doesn’t cut it today.

New and relevant content is the way to go in order to keep in touch with your potential clients and even your past clients – hello referrals!

Most people are searching for helpful information, not a sales pitch – they also know that if Google ranks a web site high on it’s first page, then it must contain some really good information, so people invariably visit those websites. You should be one of those websites.

Give your website some life. Help it be a contact point for potential clients and maybe even save yourself some time by providing information that might be covered in an initial phone call.

It took radio 38 years to reach 50 millions users. TV took 13 years. The Internet took 4 years, the iPod took 3 years, and it took Facebook less than 9 months to have 100 million users. Don’t get left behind.

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