Attorneys – Article Marketing Is A Fast Way To Get Traffic To Your Website

Attorneys – Article Marketing Is A Fast Way To Get Traffic To Your Website

Submitting your articles to directories is one of the fastest ways to start building traffic to your website. Many attorneys assume they do not have enough time to write and publish articles, but it’s simpler than you may think. Here are a few key points about successful article marketing.

#1 – Publishing Your Articles Is Free

You can find many article directories for you to place your content, so prospects and other publishers can find it.

#2 – Writing And Publishing Your Articles Is Pretty Easy

Certainly article marketing is not magic and you will have to spend some time on it to get results. However, it is not difficult. Keep your articles short (400-500 words is plenty), useful, and relevant to your target audience (reminder: You are probably not your target audience). No need to show off everything you know; you only want people who are interested to seek out more information from you.

#3 – The More, The Better – Provided You Keep It High Quality

The more articles you write and submit, the more links back to your website will be out in the world. That’s good, of course. Be careful though… more is not better if you end up sacrificing the quality and usefulness of your information. Just putting words on paper so you can publish another article will not cut it – as soon as a reader sees that your article is useless or a waste of his or her time, the reader will move on.

#4 – Measure, Change, Measure, Change, Measure, Change…

This is where I see firms fall down on the job when it comes to any business development or marketing activity. Perhaps looking at the statistics and thinking about what is and is not working for you is not the most thrilling part of the routine, but if you skip this, you are really wasting your time with article marketing. The sites of the various article directories will offer the ability to measure readership, clicks, and so on. Take advantage of these tools so you know what’s working for you and what you need to change.

#5 – Make A System!

Article marketing, just like anything, will not work well for you if you just do a little of it, sort of, every once in a while. Schedule time to review your stats, think about changes you want to make, and write and publish a new article. Do not let this intimidate you – start small so you convince yourself you can do it successfully. I suggest starting by scheduling one hour a week to review performance, think about modifications, and write your article. If you do that you will be publishing an article a week. Come up with a frequency and time commitment that you can handle; if once a week is untenable, start with once every two weeks. You can always increase, but I recommend started small so that you can succeed and not get discouraged.

Now get started!

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