Finding Injury Lawyers Made Easy

Finding Injury Lawyers Made Easy

Picture this – while you are on your way home a reckless driver hits your motorcycle, hurling you off. You do not feel any immediate pain as you are in a state of shock, but the next morning when you wake up you realize that you cannot walk, and your knee is in pretty bad shape. When you call your doctor for a house call you learn that you would have to undergo a knee surgery. How are you going to pay the fees in such an emergency situation, and better still why should you, when it is not your fault? The best thing to do here is to get an injury lawyer who will help you get the compensation you deserve. Here is how to find a really good personal injury lawyer:

Identify your needs

Before looking for a good lawyer it is a good idea for you to grab a pen and paper to write down your legal needs. It would help if you could make a list of the good and bad qualities that you think a good solicitor should or should not possess.

Ask family, friends, co workers and the local bar association

You can also rely on recommendations from family, friends, co-workers and the local bar association. Family, friends and co-workers will be able to recommend names of lawyers who they know and who have helped them earlier with similar cases.

Meet the lawyer

Meet individual lawyers to know more about them also share your case with them and ask for their opinion. Inquire about their experience and success in similar cases. Ensure they have the right qualifications and are affiliated with reputed firms.

Negotiate fees

Ask the lawyer about the fee that he charges (ensure there is not initial consultation fee). If the lawyer charges a contingency fee then ask what percentage of the recovery he will take (it is mostly between 25% -30%), if he charges according to the hours ask the amount.

Do a little research

Before you make up your mind and choose a particular injury lawyer or a firm, you should read about their history, noting their success and failure rates. This way, you will be able to set your expectations right as well.

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