How a DUI Attorney Gets You a Favorable Court Ruling

Go to court and treat your DUI like a parking ticket, and you will be saddled with thousands of dollars of fines over the years, not to mention the loss of your driving privileges. Your local DUI attorney spends a considerable amount of time in the court and has helped hundreds of drivers to keep their driver’s license and avoid costly fines. Here are just a few of the things a local dui attorney roanoke rapids nc professional will do when handling your case.

Experience in Questioning Testing Methods

Those who are arrested and convicted of driving under the influence usually have no idea how or why they should question the prosecution about testing methods. These folks assume they were drunk, accept the ruling, and wind up paying for it for many years to come. Your DUI attorney knows that the arresting officer must conduct themselves in a manner that is in line with the law and will be questioned about certain things that took place that night. Determining why the officer chose one type of field test while avoiding another could open the door to mistakes that were made.

Negotiations with the Prosecution for Lesser Sentences

A skilled DUI attorney is going to carefully analyze every ounce of evidence and then work with the prosecution to try and plea bargain the charges down, so you are not suffering for years for this mistake. Each case is different, and your attorney will draw on past experience to see if the case can be lessened to reckless, one that not only carries less in the way of fines, but it will allow you to keep your license. The skills needed to get the other side to agree to this all hinge on evidence and how your attorney presents it to the other side.

What is the Arresting Officer Thinking?

Once your DUI case makes it to the court, you have no chance to get the officer to talk about the arrest, especially without legal representation. Your DUI attorney understands the law and knows that when it comes time to attend the license hearing, an informal round of questions can be directed at the officer. While the answers have no weight in the case at that moment, your DUI attorney is going to use that information to look for any inconsistencies in the case and start poking holes into the case of the prosecution moving forward up to the court date arrives.

Your local DUI attorney draws on past case experiences to be able to find out what works and what doesn’t with certain judges and prosecutors. There is never a cookie-cutter formula for these cases, so it is important to be teaming up with a lawyer who has the experience to help you to get a reasonable resolution. The price of a DUI is only going up each year, and the loss of a license could negatively impact you financially for many years to come.

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