Motorcycle Seat Defects

Motorcycle Seat Defects

A quality motorcycle seat is an important part of having a comfortable ride. What few riders may consider, however, is that a quality seat is also essential to a motorcyclist’s safety. When a poorly designed seat or improperly manufactured seat is put on a bike, it may easily wear down or not function properly, making riding dangerous. Bikers rely on their seats to put them in a comfortable, safe position that allows them to steer and operate the bike without problems. When a seat comes loose or falls apart, it can put the rider in danger of crashing.

Parts at Risk

The motorcycle seat is more complex than most people may think. There are several parts to the seat that could potentially be defective. The parts of the seat that help to support the rider include:

Seat bracket


Seat bolts

Hinges on adjustable seats

If any of these parts comes loose, quickly wears out, or falls off during a ride, the biker may be at great risk of falling off or losing control, possibly causing a severe crash.

Potential Defects

In the past, some manufacturers have had to recall parts of seats because they were afflicted with a dangerous defect. Each part of the seat is subject to its own risks. The following is a list of some of the possible defects to watch out for on your bike:

A seat bracket comes loose or breaks. This could cause a rider to lose control of the bike or fall off completely. S/he could also suffer injuries from improper seat alignment.

The backrest comes loose or falls off. A backrest supports the motorcyclist on some models, and if it breaks without warning the biker may fall off of the back.

A seat bolt could wear out, come loose, or fail to support the seat. This could cause the seat to come loose entirely and slide off of the bike.

The hinges on adjustable seats could break or fail to adjust, putting the rider in an uncomfortable riding position that causes injury or an accident. Similarly, the hinge could crack or break off, causing the seat to detach from the bike.

Any of these defects could be potentially disastrous problems that lead to an accident. It is therefore important to have your bike regularly checked for defects and worn out parts. If you have an accident caused by a defective part, the manufacturer may be liable for the bad part and you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries and damages. Consider consulting with a motorcycle accident lawyer to discuss the details of your case and to determine if you have grounds to initiate a lawsuit.

For More Information

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