Rejected Work Cover Claims May Still Have a Chance

Rejected Work Cover Claims May Still Have a Chance

Work compensation claims that have been rejected or disputed do not have to end there. If your claim has been rejected or disputed you are entitled to assistance and a second opinion. A work injury helpline can assist by reviewing the facts of your work cover claim. Then a referral to an appropriate lawyer who specialises in work cover claims will occur.

A lawyer may turn things around reversing the decision ensuring your claim is accepted by work cover. They cannot guarantee the success of your claim but they can fight for your rights instead. There is no need to roll over and accept a decision made by work cover. The decision to reject a claim may be due to a lack of evidence. A lawyer will prepare your claim and negotiate the best possible settlement.

You may have other entitlements you were not aware of. This may add value to your claim and an increase in compensation is a great help when you are recovering from injuries. Compensation support will assist with losses, expenses and potentially future losses and expenses in the cases of permanent injuries.

When Work Compensation Services refer you to a law firm, they will firstly give free legal advice. Secondly, if you have a good case they may take your work compensation claim on a no win no fee basis.

No win no fee agreements with these selected and approved law firms will offer an arrangement of zero up-front costs. In addition, all costs of running your claim will be covered by the law firm. This means you have peace of mind that making a claim isn’t going to cost you anything to start with.

Fees and costs are only paid at the end of the claim and once you have received your compensation. If these particular recommended law firms do not win your work compensation claim they will not charge you for their services. This offers further peace of mind as they are confident enough they will win your work cover claim.

Support is available; take it with both hands

When you have experienced rejection try not to fret. Help is at hand if you allow yourself a chance to take it.

One persons’ decision does not have to be the end of your work cover claim. An independent organisation can advise you of your options and a referral to a selected law firm may be able to turn things around for you making a big impact on your situation.

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