Same-Sex Law in Portugal Passed

Same-Sex Law in Portugal Passed

Another landmark decision has been made by the parliamentary government in Portugal. The members of parliament have recently approved a bill which legalizes marriage between same-sex couples. Except for child adoption rights, the bill will pave the way for same sex couples to also have the same legal rights as heterosexual couples like taxes, inheritance, rights to property etc. According to Prime Minister Jose Socrates, the bill might seem like small change albeit a major achievement in terms of providing freedom and equality for homosexuals. Still, rightist groups who vehemently opposed the bill, gathered and collected a signature petition which totaled to around 90,000 people. The rightists are insisting on having a national referendum in order to further study the bill. Unfortunately, their request was rejected.

The recently approved bill has broken down barriers against prejudice, discrimination and injustice against members of the “third sex.” This has revolutionize how homosexuality is slowly being accepted in Portugal, despite it being a predominantly Catholic nation, and following the approval of the parliament for abortion in 2007. It seems then that tolerance for homosexuality and same-sex marriages is slowly encroaching in an increasing number of European countries, which also include the Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Sweden and Norway. Society is becoming more and more tolerant on homosexuals. After all, despite what others believe about homosexuals, homosexuality in and of itself is not a mental disorder as once previously believed.

It is something which cannot be controlled, and it is not a choice. Genetics and heredity are culprits of homosexuality, so why must a person feel ashamed about something which he was born with? Being comfortable with what you are familiar with and are accustomed to may be good, but it is also limiting and narrow-perspective of one’s own reality. If the world is big enough for different kinds of people – rich, poor, Catholics, Muslims, Chinese, Americans, Africans, homosexuals, punks and emos – then what else is every one fighting for? Different beliefs, different values, different cultures, but we all live in the same planet, so we should learn to live with one another in peace.

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