Why It’s Important To Have a Digital Strategy In Place

Why It’s Important To Have a Digital Strategy In Place

The internet is becoming more and more significant in our everyday lives. We use it to research, to buy products, to gather information and to speak to our friends.

It’s no surprise that so many businesses are switching their budgets from offline marketing to online marketing as the internet plays a huge role in influencing opinions. In a study that was recently released the stats revealed that 45% of young adults within the US found something online that made them decide not to do business with somebody. This stat alone suggests that your ‘online business’ needs to deliver the right message. It also raises the question of reputation management.

It’s so easy to review products or businesses online that it’s important to watch out for what other people are saying about you or your business in forums or on social media networks.

A recent study by Lexis Nexis revealed that three out of four consumers search for a lawyer online at some stage in their search. This is an astonishing statistic which suggests how big a role the internet plays in generating new leads for law firms. This statistic shows that it’s not only important that lawyers have a website, but that it’s also important that lawyers have a website that can be found online, highlighting the importance of search marketing.

Search marketing consists of paid search and organic search. Organic search listings are clicked on by 94% of users, whilst the paid search listings are clicked on by 6% of users. To help increase natural rankings search engine optimisation can be carried out on websites to help boost organic traffic. Law firm digital marketing can encompass a wide range of different techniques, including both areas of search marketing. It can also include email marketing and social media marketing, an area which is growing in importance due to the rise of social media itself.

When somebody finds your website you’ll then need to ensure that they actually convert. As you only have two seconds to engage a user online it is essential that law firm website design is professional, yet attractive. It should clearly display your phone number as there is nothing more frustrating than not being able to easily find a firm’s contact details. It should also be full of call-to-actions, such as simply contact forms and even Live Chat functionality, a piece of software that is becoming increasingly common on websites offering a service or a product.

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