Are You Feeling Confused & Overwhelmed by DWI

Are You Feeling Confused & Overwhelmed by DWI

Hire An Experienced And Knowledgeable Minnesota DWI Law Firm To Represent Your Case To Ensure The Best Possible Defense


Getting pulled over for a DWI in Minnesota can be a truly frightening experience. After all, DWI laws in MN can be quite strict and can result in severe penalties if you are found guilty.

It is essential to hire an experienced Minnesota DWI law firm to handle your case.

But, even after hiring a Minnesota DWI law firm, you might still feel a bit uneasy and uncertain about what you can expect to occur after a lawyer has been hired.

There are six basic steps that most people go through after being arrested and charged with a DWI in Minnesota. These include…

Implied Consent Hearing

This hearing must be requested within 30 days after your license has been taken away if you wish to preserve your right to drive.


Used primarily to advise you about your rights; generally occurs 30 to 60 days after you are arrested.

Pre-Trial Conference

A lawyer from the Minnesota DWI law firm you hired meets with the Prosecutor and negotiates a plea bargain. This step usually occurs about six weeks after your arraignment. If you are satisfied with the plea agreement, your case will move forward to the final step.

Suppression Hearing

Certain evidence against you may be suppressed if it violates your constitutional rights or other DWI laws in MN. Your attorney needs to file motions to suppress evidence to be considered during this step. The suppression hearing usually occurs six weeks to three months after the pre-trial conference.


You have the right to have a court trial in front of only a judge, or to have a trial in front of a jury. If you are facing a misdemeanor, the jury will consist of six people. If you are facing felony charges, the jury will consist of 12 people.


If you are found guilty of any or all of the charges, or if you accept a plea agreement, your punishment is passed down during the sentencing step. Sentencing may include house arrest, jail time, alcohol classes, community service, and/or fines.

Since DWI laws in Minnesota can be difficult to understand, and because they are always evolving due to changes in the law and precedents established by other cases, it is essential to hire an experienced Minnesota DWI law firm that focuses primarily on defending DWI cases. By doing so, you will have the best chances of retaining your driving rights throughout this entire process, and you will have a better chance to have the charges against you reduced or dropped altogether.

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