Video Marketing For Lawyers – Behind the Scenes

Video Marketing For Lawyers – Behind the Scenes

An excellent example of how to get a viewer interested in you can be seen with a video posted by the White House. “The White House?” Yes.

It appears that the president’s communication team clearly “gets it” in terms of connecting the public with what the president does on a daily basis. This video clip gives a “behind the scenes look” at what the president does when responding to personal letters he receives each day.

Viewers love learning about how things work. If they are searching for an attorney online, they want to know as much information as possible not only about how the law firm works, but how you work.

So how do you take president’s ‘behind-the-scenes’ video and turn it into something that you as an attorney can use to market your legal practice? Simple.

Show a viewer exactly where you work. Show them your office. Show them your desk. Show them your computer. Walk them to your conference room. Introduce them to your secretary. Show them the stack of files you work on each day. Show them the flowers or plants you have in your office. Show that you are a human being and give them an inside look into who you are.

Doing so will pay off immensely, and will likely convert a viewer to a caller. If you can get a viewer to see that you are human and do the things they do, and are approachable, you have increased the chances that a viewer will call you instead of your competitor.

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