Content Is King! Or Is It Queen?

Content Is King! Or Is It Queen?

We’ve heard it over and over again. Content is King. If you have been in this game long enough, you know that you need content to succeed online. Everything SEO revolves around content: optimization, linking, article distribution, social media and more. You start with content and go from there. Well, here’s a new concept: Content is Queen.

Saying something is “Queen” is akin to saying it is second most important. content is number two, what is number one? What is KING?


Linking is King, and if your intention is to improve search engine rankings, it should be the goal you are shooting for. This means that everything SEO revolves around linking: content, article distribution, social media and optimization. If online success depends on traffic, and 70% or more of traffic comes from Google puts a great deal of value on it must be true. The idea is to tackle content with your linking strategy already in mind as your main goal.

In order to be successful you must have a strategic SEO and linking plan. It’s important to not only utilize everything you have, specifically content, but to create what you need to work with. We want keyword rich links from quality sources and quality content, right? The idea then is to create content with that already in mind. Content is the medium for placing links. With this concept, linking is King and content is Queen.

However you consider it, both content and linking go hand in hand. One without the other is not complete when it comes to a successful Law Firm SEO plan. Whether you start out optimizing existing content, or are creating content for the sole purpose of linking and distribution, having both working together will be to your advantage and success.

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