Why Law Firms Are Making the Switch to The Cloud

Why Law Firms Are Making the Switch to “The Cloud”

Today’s Currency Needs a Bank.

Remember the first time you progressed from a piggy bank to a bank account? This moment usually marked the beginning of the future, the potential of careers and wealth. Why do we automatically put our hard-earned money into a facility with security cameras, guards, bank tellers, and a huge shiny vault, instead of keeping money under the mattress at home where it seemed secure enough? We do so because we know it’s secure and accessible from almost anywhere. Keeping money in a bank is common sense, and the same common sense can be applied to data and information, today’s currency.

Where is most data stored? Most Law Firms insist on keeping hard copies in space consuming filing cabinets, or files on computers or servers that require high license costs and constant maintenance.

What if you start to think of this “data” as all your hard-earned savings that contribute to your wealth. Is it really safe in your local data center in your own office? How convenient is this data if you need to jump through hoops to access the data remotely?

Today’s technology is at the point where all of your data can be accessed in a secure system anywhere, and at your convenience without the high costs of a traditional server infrastructure.

How is this possible? Two words: The Cloud, which simply means “applications on the internet.”

What does this means for the legal industry? It means that all of your firm’s practice management, billing, communications, data protection, and more can all be moved into the “virtual bank” called The Cloud. The benefit of doing this means no more expensive servers with high maintenance costs, no more software licenses or access limitations. But the best part is, YOU KNOW THAT ALL OF YOUR DATA WILL BE SECURE, and that part is PRICELESS.

You may be hesitant to switch to the Cloud because you’ve used the same method for so long, you don’t want to have to learn something all over again. The thing is that because the Cloud is a new technology, it was designed to be %100 user friendly. The whole point of new applications is to make things easier on YOU. There are even specialty companies out there that help companies make the transition to the Cloud.

Banks are there to provide you with security, ease, convenience and quick access to all of your money. The Cloud can do the exact same thing with all of your data.

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