Getting Into Law Schools

Getting Into Law Schools

Are you wondering how to get into law school? There are many times during a student’s time at college where the decisions they make will affect their future choices. Getting into law school depends on many factors that are much easier to manage while you are starting college than learn when you are getting ready to start applying at schools. Read on for some steps you can take when you start making your college choices as well as steps you can take when you are starting the law school application process to make getting in a little bit easier.

Challenge Yourself In College

When you spend all your time in college concentrating on taking classes that will give you a great GPA no matter what, you miss out on learning the thinking skills you need to perform well on the tests that will get you into law school. Choose classes that you know will be a challenge, and actively seek out classes with professors that have a history of challenging their students to think critically and think well. A great GPA may look good on paper, but the admissions committee at most law schools know that a 4.0 GPA from some schools and some programs doesn’t mean nearly as much as a 3.5 from others. You will stand a better chance of getting into law school and succeeding once you are there if you make sure that you seek out the learning experiences you need in college to develop the thinking skills you will need later on.

Write Well And Prove It

If you are going to be successful in law school and in a career as a lawyer, you need to know how to write. Consider a major or minor in English while you are in college, and make sure you internalize everything you need to know to write well. Writing a great personal statement may not make you stand out much from a ton of other students who also wrote great personal statements, but poorly written work will get you excluded without a glance at the rest of your application.

Know The LSAT

Most of the students applying for law school will have a high GPA, a great personal statement, and solid letters of recommendation. Because of this, none of these factors will help one student stand out significantly from the pack. The one statistic that will vary greatly from one student to the next that is generally considered to be a good sign of how well someone will do in law school is the LSAT.

You can’t memorize a set of questions for the LSAT since the test is primarily designed to measure critical thinking and analysis skills. One thing you can do in order to study and prepare for the test is make yourself as familiar as possible with the format. Find an LSAT book that contains past tests or take an LSAT prep course to make sure you are as familiar as possible with exactly what taking the LSAT will be like. Knowing the framework that the LSAT provides will allow you to let your critical thinking and analysis skills show at their best and greatly improve your chances of getting into law school.

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