How To Find The Best DWI Attorney In Albany

The limit of alcohol in the blood in Albany and the state of New York is 0.08. This is around three beers in the range of an hour so you can say that it is pretty much enough. The law in New York allows you to have a good time and drink alcohol and still be able to go home even though you’re officially under influence. Here’s a calculator to see how many drinks will make you go over the line.

The decision for getting behind the wheel after you had three beers is yours. You’ll be safe from the law if the police stop you and check how much you had. However, after three beers you can’t be completely sober. Your reflexes will surely be poor and you’ll need to pay extra attention to the road.

Sometimes accidents happen when people are completely sober. We are people and we make mistakes – it’s normal. When you have had a few beers more, you’re officially drunk and you are driving while intoxicated. The law will charge you if caught. That’s fine until here, but what if an accident happens.

The fault may not be yours. Still, the police will charge you because you were driving while intoxicated. The other party won’t have a drop of alcohol and will face charges for the damage they did, but you’ll still have to pay a fine, hand over the license and even spend time in jail if the accident is your fault or you had too much alcohol in your blood.

This is a time when you need an attorney. You need someone who understands the problem and you can rely on them. You need an experienced DWI guy who will get you out of trouble. It’s best if you find this kind of lawyer before anything happens and you have their number on speed dial. How to find a good lawyer? Read on and find out!

Licensed DWI attorney

The person you’re about to hire and call in a moment of emergency must be a licensed lawyer who passed for DWI cases. Any lawyer will do the job, of course, but if you really want to get out of trouble you must find a person who was already dealing with this kind of problematics.

Every lawyer will know the procedures but not every lawyer know the tricks and the little things that will save the day. A licensed DWI attorney know everything by the book but also know a little more about the things behind the scene. Always look for these guys instead of a regular lawyer.

Experienced lawyer

Make sure the person you’re hiring is an experienced one. You don’t want someone who’s just starting their career to learn how things go on your misfortune. You need an attorney who was involved in this kind of things before and had many cases before you. See some definitions and quotes about experience here:

Young lawyers have a lot of energy and like to dominate. They love to become the best and try so hard to achieve that. That’s great, but experienced lawyers have seen so much in their lifetime. They know how to handle some situations that younger attorneys don’t. A well-experienced lawyer is really hard to find.

A lawyer with a good rating

It’s easy to check which lawyer had success with previous cases and which one didn’t. Find out about the ratio and the score. It’s good to have an experienced lawyer, but it’s even better to have a young attorney with not as many cases as some older colleagues, but with an excellent track record. Always choose a lawyer that had success with previous clients. If they did well with others, chances are great they’ll do the same with you.

Good but also affordable

Lawyers always charge a lot of money, but it’s better to give them the money instead of going to jail. The best ones charge very high amounts. If you can afford this kind of attorney, it’s best to hire them because they’ll get you out fast and easy. If you can’t then make a compromise between experience, rating, and price. Remember that it’s always smarter to pay more. It will probably pay off at the end.

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