The Use of Server Backup in Law Firms

The Use of Server Backup in Law Firms

There is a lot of dependency on technology in modern businesses and there is an increased need to protect data from hardware failure, deletion and corruption. Law firms store a lot of data therefore server backup is necessary. Data loss can result in irrecoverable damage for the law firm in terms of money and time. Most small-sized law firms assume that data protection is very expensive and difficult to maintain. This assumption is no longer valid because there are various programs that have been developed to make data protection easier. The programs available are cost effective therefore small law companies can now take advantage of the data protection options.

Data Protection Options

There are several aspects of the server backup process. This includes the hardware and software used to store a copy of all the files that are used in a law firm. A law firm also needs to determine which information should be protected. There are two main systems that a firm can use for data protection. These include file only and full system. The full system option allows a legal firm to create a copy of its entire computer network. In this option nothing is altered in the files during the server backup process.

This is the best option for a legal firm that is looking for a quick way to recover from crashed systems as long as the hardware is not affected. The file only data protection option makes it possible for a legal firm to copy specific files. In most cases, this option is used when it is not possible to restore the files using another method. The file only option protects the files that cannot be recovered using restoration software. Both options have advantages and disadvantages. The full system requires expensive hardware and it is manual. The file-only option is less expensive and it can be configured to operate automatically.


There are various benefits that law firms enjoy by using server backup services. One of the main benefits is enhanced performance and security. When data is protected, a firm is able to carry out its operations even when its physical offices are damaged by fire or floods. Using hosting services is also beneficial because it allows a law firm to focus on its core operations instead of data protection. Most of the data that law firms deal with is very sensitive therefore it needs to be protected. If any of the files get lost, it can affect court cases.

Remote Protection

Remote server backup is the best option because it ensures that even if the main offices at a law firm are damaged, the lawyers can still access their files and attend to clients. This is a good option for small law companies. The remote option allows all the data to be copied in a location that is separate from the main offices. This is a good idea for law companies that are located in areas that are prone to things like earthquakes and floods. This option makes it possible to rebuild your data once the main offices have been compromised. When a legal firm gets a hosting company for these services, there is no need to worry about maintenance. The hosting company handles the management and monitoring. All the leading hosting companies will also offer data encryption to ensure that no third party can access your data. There are various hosting companies that are available in the market and some offer customized packages to suit the needs of the law firms.

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