Tips for Law Firms Obtaining Internet Marketing Services

Tips for Law Firms Obtaining Internet Marketing Services

It seems on a daily basis I come across more and more Google rankings of law firm websites stacked back to back that are promoted and/or managed by the same few internet marketing companies. It seems these large marketing companies service dozens if not hundreds of competing law firms in a single geographical market. All of these sites obviously want to rank at the top of Google for the same keywords, but Google only has 10 top listings. An impossible situation.

I have yet to understand not only how a single marketing company can provide adequate services to these firms, all in the same market and with the same goal, but also why so many law firms jump on the same wagon. I’ve been dealing with law firms and their internet marketing for years and seen this increase every year. I was once told by an internet marketing employee of one of the large companies that they can’t touch what we were doing at the time, with our internet marketing. That our clients beat them every time. Of course!

Getting to the top of Google, or even on the 1st page is a major task today. Law firm searches are one of the most competitive. Have you ever noticed the number of other sites indexed by Google when you are searching for your firm online? Do a search in Google for ‘injury lawyer’ and there are nearly 3 million results. Do a similar search using your city or state. There are only 10 positions available on page 1 in Google. You must find a way to stand out and rise above your competition in this internet marketing game!

You need an edge. You need a company that has the knowledge, experience and time to focus on your company, not your competition. It’s best to find a small marketing company that isn’t already working for your competition but that is also experienced in your industry. If you are an attorney for example, I would not hire an seo company that didn’t have results in the highly competitive law firm industry. It’s hard to find w/out a contract but try to get an agreement of market exclusivity.

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